All Real Estate Agents Are Not The Same But They’ll All Probably Tell You That!

The independently owned and operated K.G. Hurst Real Estate is different.  We first opened our doors in 1960 in Eastwood and since 1973 Lyn & Denis Tamsett have owned and managed the business.  That is a lot of property inspections, open houses, vendor negotiations, auctions, tenants and cups of tea!

K.G. Hurst is different to other agencies for 5 reasons:

You Can Speak With The Principals

When you want to list your property or have us manage your investment, the people you meet with are the owners of the business.  You’ll sit with two people who have combined real estate experience of over 80 years.  With this experience and knowledge, you can be guaranteed an honest conversation with quality advice.

Care With Your Property

Lyn & Denis have invested in property themselves.  They know what they expect from property management teams.  This means they will manage your investment as if it were their own property.  They aim to delight every owner with pro-active service and crystal clear communication.  When you have been managing property as long as they have, you get very good at it.

It’s Not Just The Owners

The K.G. Hurst Property Management Team have been together for over 20 years.  They know how to run an open house, research tenants, maintain your property, conduct exit inspections and communicate with you.  There is teamwork between the K.G. Hurst owners, repair team and the management team.  Your property is in the best hands.

Sixty Years In The Northern Districts

The Northern Districts have changed considerably over the past 60 years and there is one agency that has remained rock solid through the years.  You simply cannot underestimate the intellectual property that we have on the area.  When you have been selling and managing property this long you understand the area at a very deep level.

And Our New Reach

While we started in the Northern Districts, since 2003 we have been managing and selling properties all over Sydney.  Our reputation for quality service, property care and due diligence has meant we have increased our scope to service the complete Sydney area.  When you understand real estate and what the customer wants, you can manage and sell property everywhere.

So What Really Is A Boutique Agency?

We believe we are boutique agency for 5 reasons:

  1. Quality over quantity – we would prefer to focus on our customer experience rather than our customer numbers. This means you can feel at ease whether we are selling your property or managing it, you will receive outstanding, personalised service.
  2. Office support – with a close-knit team, communication is easy. Our weekly meetings ensure no issue, challenge or opportunity escapes us.
  3. Our brand is our word – with no franchise name behind us, we have only one way to develop and grow our business: our reputation. Every action we deliver is about delighting you.
  4. Dynamic operations – being a small business, we have less office ‘red tape.’ This means we can innovate quickly; we can problem solve fast; and we can reduce stress faster than anyone else.
  5. Embracing technology – we use multiple platforms to maximise your value from our relationship. No matter how we get to know each other, you’ll love the way we communicate.